Q: Is the GrainSafe 5000 hard to use?
A: No, the GrainSafe 5000 has a friendly, simple and easy to use touch screen interface. Displaying each storage mode, current status, hours run and animations to show the state of each aeration fan.

Q: I have 2 (or more) separate silo storage facilities, that are within __ km of each other do I need to purchase 2 controllers?
A: The GrainSafe 5000 remote start for aeration fans via radio frequency, depending on distance and interference, it is possible to control several separate sites from 1 GrainSafe 5000 controller.

Q: How often should I be checking my storage facility whilst I have grain in storage?
A: We recommend checking the operation of both the fans and controller every month. The Test mode of the GrainSafe 5000 allows users to inspect the aeration fans for correct operation. At this time a visual inspection of the grain in storage should also be carried out.

Q: Will controlled aeration get rid of my insect problem?
A: While we have many customers tell me “yes” the fact is that hygiene is 70% of the battle. If you can ensure that the silos are cleaned out properly when empty (as much as this goes against the grain, leave the fill and outlet hole open to allow the silo to heat and cool with day/night time cycles), move all unnecessary equipment away from the storage site and ensure all grass is kept down, and any spills cleaned up.

Put the first grain harvested into a sealed silo as this is possibly the grain you will have a problem with first, the remainder can be stored in unsealed silos if this is what you currently have.

The last 30% of insect control is controlled aeration, ensuring that the fans are run at the optimal time to cool the grain.